Upcoming Events

26th March 2019 | London, United Kingdom

The LIPS team is going to meet the physio team at The Shard on a 'speed dating' type of event where the therapists can go around the room, meet each consultant and discuss cases. How exciting!

04th April 2019 | Barcalona

Mr Francesc Malagelada is a guest speaker at the Foot and Ankle Barcelona Meeting, Barcelona, Spain 4-5 April 2019 with the talks: "How to treat the floating toe?" and "MIS / External fixator in calcaneal fractures". See more information at here.

06th April 2019 | Doha, Qatar

Mr Paul Culpan, LIPS Lower Limb Orthopaedic Surgeon, is travelling to Doha to give his expert opinion on pelvic fractures and more precisely on understanding classifications of pelvic fractures: pearls, pitfalls and clinical relevance. Mr Culpan is going to introduce...

28th April 2019 | London

Orthopaedic surgeon Paul Harnett will attempt to break the world record for running a marathon in ski-boots in under 5 hours 52 minutes on April 28th at the London Marathon. He will be raising £10,000 for the British Paralympic Association and...