LIPS enables you to enjoy world-class practice management services and cost savings through providing three core services for individual consultants and private healthcare groups:
Medical Practice Administrator (PA)
Billing, collection, and debt recovery
Practice Development

Patient care and satisfaction are key to the service we provide. In addition to cost savings and stress reduction, your practice will flourish with the benefit of a highly competent, skilled PA providing an exceptional patient experience.

At LIPS, we tailor our services to meet the demands and needs of your practice. We offer a comprehensive practice management service that includes our three core services, or we can provide a bespoke service built around your specific private practice requirements such as a stand-alone PA. Whether you need a PA on-site within a hospital or remote support, we can help. Contact us now.

If you have any questions visit our FAQ page.

Our services are fully customisable for your operation, and you may elect to use some or all of the services. Here are descriptions of what our core services include:


Medical PA


Medical Billing, Collection and Debt Recovery


Private Practice Management


Consultants are increasingly reviewing their audio typing, transcription and secretarial tasks to reduce overheads. Joining LIPS offers substantial savings on staffing costs, office rental and other overheads, such as IT equipment and insurances. In fact, the typical consultant who engages LIPS-Practice Management Services saves up to 50% on secretarial services.

LIPS offers stand-alone PA service or bundles this in with our other core services. Whether you choose stand-alone or a package, however, all medical PA services include:

  • A named, dedicated PA with full cover when he or she is on leave
  • Dedicated PA phone line extension
  • Diary management, theatre booking, and clinic preparation (including obtaining relevant referrals, correspondence, and results for appointments and/or reviews)
  • Copy/audio typing and digital transcription 
  • Liaison with insurance companies and with consultant colleagues
  • Management of NHS ‘Choose & Book’ patients in private hospitals.

Meddbase, is our preferred practice management software programme, flawlessly managing a consultant’s practice. This GDPR-compliant software is used by some of the large private GP practices, which facilitates patient referrals.


Although you may prefer to keep a professional distance from billing, collection, and debt recovery, cash flow is a critical component of any business. Spare yourself financial headaches by putting LIPS to work. LIPS collects your professional fees promptly and in line with your fee schedule, so you have one less worry to deal with.

At LIPS, we understand the complexity of collecting from referral sources such as embassies. Handling such collections with integrity and tact, we ensure your reputation and referrals are unscathed, here is what we will do for you:

  • We take care of the entire payment process according to standards set by the healthcare industry. Patients are given the option of online, phone, or in-person payments.
  • We enable up-front payment collection for self-pay patients.
  • We have billing arrangements with embassies to avoid extensive payment delays.
  • We provide transparent overviews of the billing progress and monthly financial reports for our consultants
  • We invoice quickly and routinely to ensure prompt turnaround

Our Practice Development service aids in establishing and promoting new practices. Established practices also benefit from promotion as well as practice efficiencies and possibly re-structuring.

Your personal Consultant Liaison Officer (CLO) will offer insight into your practice and promote it to prospective and established referral sources.  The CLO will offer suggestions to increase your revenue and patient throughput and will provide you with regular reports and updates to ensure you are fully informed at all times.

If you are considering changing your current working practices to improve efficiencies, or you are just starting out and wish to discuss ideas and options, LIPS Practice Management Services is here to listen, evaluate, and guide you in the process. We alert you to opportunities you didn’t know were there. For instance, our extensive healthcare network and professional contacts offer our consultants the opportunity to interact with potential referral sources.

Practice Development Services provided exclusively to consultants joining LIPS include:

  • Robust strategic planning based on current market data linked to your practice and personal goals.
  • Managing relationships
  • Creating valuable partnerships
  • Expanding exposure to international and self-pay patient market
  • Enhancing referral channels utilising our existing partnerships and collaborations (e.g., embassies, companies, and insurers)
  • Engaging existing and potential referral sources through our consultant liaison programme to educate healthcare professionals about the unique benefits provided by our consultant panel.
  • Digital healthcare marketingthrough search engines including Google, campaign ads, and search engine optimisation.
  • Improving your online presence through drafting website content and featuring your practice on our website.