Mr Paul Culpan

BSc, MB ChB, FRCS (Tr & Orth)

Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon (Hip and Knee)

Special Interests:
  • Lower limb complex trauma
  • Pelvic and acetabular trauma surgery
  • Partial/total knee replacement (primary and revision)
  • Total hip replacement (primary and revision)
  • Bespoke (custom made) lower limb arthroplasty
  • Complex arthroscopic multi-ligament knee reconstruction Knee arthroscopy (meniscal repairs/ACL/PCL reconstruction)
  • Osseointegration

Telephone: 0207 164 6114 (ext 2680)

Fax: 0207 022 1606


Mr Culpan is a Consultant Trauma

and Orthopaedic Surgeon working

at the largest trauma centre in Europe,

the Royal London Hospital

Mr Culpan is a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon working at the largest trauma centre in Europe, the Royal London Hospital

He joined St Bartholomew’s and Royal London teaching hospital in April 2010 and initiated a pelvic and acetabular trauma service to complement the existing impressive orthopaedic trauma service that the Royal London Hospital is renowned for. This service has developed rapidly to become the busiest in the country.

Mr Culpan is one of a handful of surgeons globally performing customised hip replacements utilising minimally invasive techniques and more complex hip replacement surgery including lower limb reconstruction surgery, revision surgery and knee replacement surgery.

He specialises in the management of complex trauma patients including pelvic and acetabular fractures being amongst the few global surgeons who can perform the so-called “fix and replace”. He continues to manage patients with knee sports injuries and knee ligament injuries including reconstructions in complex multiple ligament injuries of the knee.

For many years, Mr Culpan has treated international patients who have travelled for care in London and abroad. As CEO of London International Patient Services, he has worked closely with leading consultants across London to provide the best level of care possible to overseas patients.


Qualifying from Medicine from the University of Manchester in 1996, having previously attained a BSc from the University of St Andrews, he undertook his fellowship in France working at the famous orthopaedic teaching centre in Garches, Paris.

Following this, he moved with his family to Abu Dhabi where he spent two and a half years working as a consultant in the largest hospital in the UAE. He specialised in knee sports injuries; knee and hip replacements; lower limb trauma and pelvic and acetabular trauma. He returned to London in 2010 to join the Royal London Hospital.


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International Presentations

9th National Trauma Conference, Kuwait, March 2017
Damage Control and Early Total Care
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9th National Trauma Conference, Kuwait, March 2017
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1st Shanghai International Pelvic Trauma Summit, Shanghai, China, Dec 2016
Anatomic Plating of Acetabular Fractures and the Stoppa Approach
Culpan P
1st Shanghai International Pelvic Trauma Summit, Shanghai, China, Dec 2016
Acetabular Trauma in the Elderly- The Role of Early Hip Arthropalsty
Culpan P
Kuwait International Orthopaedic Updates Meeting (KIOUM), October 2016
Periprosthetic fractures around the knee
Culpan P
Orthopaedic Trauma Association Annual Congress (OTA), Gaylord, Washington, USA, Oct 2016
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