Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Our Service Better Than Any Other?

With a large team of highly trained professionals, we are able to offer more experience and efficiency than any medical billing agency could. Our customer service, communication skills, and assertiveness are second-to-none.

The professionals we hire are individuals who have patient care in mind who have been trained as leading medical PAs. This makes them substantially more effective in their work.

Why Should I Switch?

Our services will be tailored to meet your practice’s needs every step of the way. We aim to deliver superior services while keeping patient care at the core of our functions, just like you do. With a transparent process and reasonable prices, we will be able to build a solid business relationship that features shared values.

Will My Practice Be Paper-Free?

Yes. Our advanced software and approaches enable your practice to become a paper-free one. This is especially beneficial if your practice wants to operate from multiple sites and gain better visibility.

How Are Billing and Payment Services Handled?

We manage your medical billing process efficiently with our team of qualified and experienced PA’s. By being prompt in sending and following up on invoices with the patient, insurance provider(s), and embassies, our team can ensure that payment is collected quickly.

Invoices are created and sent on a daily basis. Outstanding invoices will be submitted for an official payment request. Keep in mind that we only charge for invoices that are collected.

The billing process we follow is versatile, giving patients convenient options for paying over the phone, in-person or online.

What Makes You Better Than Competitors?

Our billing and collection services stand apart from our competitors for a few key reasons:

  • To ensure accuracy, we map your fee schedule on a per-code and per-insurer basis
  • We produce our invoices electronically using a system that integrates with insurers directly
  • We have established relationships with most major insurers, which makes collecting payments easier
  • We have vast experience with the private healthcare sector and understand the payment protocols for embassies and insurers
  • We will operate as an extension of your privacy practice

Are These Services Secure?

Yes. Our data is always encrypted using the same security level as online banks utilize. We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a Data Controller. Our emails will be scanned automatically for sensitive information and be securely encrypted every time any such information is detected.

Are These Services Accurate?

Yes. We pride ourselves on using the latest in technology when it comes to medical billing and collection. Our invoices are always submitted electronically to insurers and in hard copy to embassies. We always make sure that the relevant information is correct, and we minimize delays by triple-checking invoices before submitting them.

Additionally, we have the capacity to validate an invoice electronically with an insurance company before submitting it. When payment is received, we also ensure it is recorded accurately before we remit it to your practice or consultant’s account.

How Is Invoicing Integrated?

We use Meddbase, which is a leading management system for private practices. As a billing partner for Meddbase, we use this software in our everyday processes to reduce duplication and work towards an efficient, paperless environment.

Our software aims to create a transparent and effective billing process that will seamlessly integrate with your existing practice. We invoice through this system directly and securely, and it gives us full visibility of your clinic lists. You will not need to send us appointment details prior to invoicing, which saves you time.

You will also be able to review the billing process at any time you desire. All information is updated in real-time as the status of invoices change.

How Are Self-Paying Patients Handled?

If a patient will be funding their own visit, our payment-up-front option is an excellent solution. This will collect fees prior to your practice seeing the patient, which has enabled practices to significantly reduce the debt associated with self-funding.

Will You Assist My Practice With Marketing?

Our entire process is dedicated to helping patients feel cared for throughout the entire journey, and that will support your marketing efforts ten-fold. Plus, our Practice Development program enables consultants to get assistance with a number of marketing practices, including social media marketing.

What Is The Cost of Services?

Our services aim to be affordable and effective. We charge consultants based on the income generated.

The fee structure for our comprehensive practice management is based on a percentage of your practice’s income. This will adjust with your practice’s activity, decreasing the more you earn.

Our stand-alone PA service charges a fixed rate with a monthly minimum of £500 or 12% of any invoices raised (whichever is greater in a given month). We do not charge for typing and we also don’t charge maintenance fees. You will only pay when work is being done.

More Questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and learn more about how we can partner with and serve your practice.

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