Our Testimonials

Mr. Culpan is a highly regarded and skilled surgeon who managed my hip replacement with complete success.

Sir Tom JonesSinger

Our Testimonials

“Mr. Culpan is a highly regarded and skilled surgeon who managed my hip replacement with complete success. He was accessible, highly competent, and professional. He and his team gave me complete confidence in the procedure and recovery, and I am very pleased with the result.”

Sir Tom JonesSinger

Adam Osburn

9 months following bespoke total hip replacement surgery.

Booking and Communication

I was impressed with the communication and ease of booking appointments that I received. Very professional and courteous.


I have nothing but the utmost respect for my surgeon Paul Culpan. He talked me through the whole process from the initial consultation to my recovery. Paul is obviously a very skilled surgeon and he is also a nice guy.

I summited Mount Elbrus (the highest peak in Europe and one of the Seven Summits) on 24th July 2017, exactly 9 months after my operation.

Sally Anne

2 weeks following bespoke total hip replacement surgery.

Booking and Communication

I received nothing but the utmost care and personal attention from Mr Paul Culpan’s support team including meticulous communication not only with me but, crucially, between office and vital pre-operative/assessment departments: appointments were followed up, ‘bespoke’ needs or requests always considered and accommodated as best possible.


I owe my new lease-of-life to Mr Paul Culpan: after 2 hip replacements within 4 months, I am pain-free and have regained fullest mobility! Mr Culpan’s magisterial surgical skills and judgement guaranteed me arguably the best hip component (SYMBIOS), the smallest incisions, the finest pain-management (pain-free at all times both in hospital and at home) and the shortest possible recovery period (walking without crutches within 2 weeks).

Moreover, Mr Culpan’s clear and direct explanations, his sympathetic understanding and graciousness helped me overcome both the initial shock of my diagnosis, as well as my fear of the whole procedure.

I am hugely grateful to Mr Culpan and, as a token of my thanks, would be happy to talk to and reassure any fellow hip-patient.

Corinna HEDTKE

3 weeks following bespoke total hip replacement surgery.

Booking and Communication

You feel most welcome with all queries you have.

The team is going the extra mile to accommodate your personal circumstances and preferences!


immediately had an exact understanding of my case and gave me confidence to go ahead with surgery which I did not consider an option at that point of time. I was amazed how quickly I recovered from my two hip surgeries within 4 months by Paul using the most progressive surgical techniques. I was able to walk without crutches 18 hours after surgery and 2,5 weeks after my Total Hip Replacement I could go on a walk for 4,5k!

Outstanding medical excellence combined with huge passion and compassion!

Ms Donna Mayatt


When it got to the stage when I was having difficulty walking, let alone my usual gym classes, I needed to do something as I recognised my life was being impacted. I was continually experiencing pain and unable to do the things I wanted to do. I therefore opted for a replacement knee. To be fair, I didn’t find the surgery the most comfortable procedure, but with the right surgeon, pain management, care, physio and attitude, it is totally bearable.

Recovery can take a while, but I am so pleased, and delighted with the results it was all worth it. I’m now enjoying life again. After four months, I was cycling up mountains and walked down them again. Delighted too that I was passed as fit to ski at around five month stage. I have no regrets.

Keith Wright


I first saw a surgeon in May 2018 with regard to a hip replacement operation but foolishly decided not to go ahead with the procedure at that time. Things got worse and the pain of walking any distance became so acute that in Dec 2018 after a recommendation I saw Mr. Steven Millington. I found his manner friendly and helpful and he went through the whole procedure pointing out not only the plus but negative sides of surgery.

In the February 2019 I had the operation with the London Bridge hospital theatre staff making the whole pre-op business very relaxed and calming. The hip replacement was a complete success and I was able to move painlessly less than twenty-four after surgery and within four days needed only one forearm crutch to safely get around. Within three weeks I could walk without a crutch and unlike before the operation actually looked forward to walking although I’m aware the muscles are not yet up to strength. Milestones along the way were walking up stairs as normal, being able to put socks on unaided and cutting my toenails. Little things but they meant a lot as signs of recovery

I’m most grateful to Mr. Millington for the first class job he’s done in giving me back the pain free mobility I had lost due to arthritis. My experience has been a positive one throughout and I can only thank my surgeon and his team for the work they’ve done.

Mr David Grant


Miss Arshad displayed a reluctance to operate unless she was convinced it was necessary. As the symptoms progressed, she agreed a partial knee replacement was the most effective way of curing the problem. She was always solicitous and considerate, while sticking to her view that the operation might not be as successful as the one on the other knee. Only as the symptoms deteriorated did she change her mind.

The operation seemed to go fine (I was unaware!). When I recovered consciousness, I felt "looked after" in the recovery room. Subsequent attention in the Clinic was good. Physio started immediately and was very effective.

Sagittal Band Reconstructive Surgery - A success story


Mr. Edwards treated me for a sports injury to my right hand.
The injury required a minor day surgery to repair the ligaments, the procedure was a Sagittal band reconstruction.
I had a very positive experience over all. The hospital facilities & staff were top notch. Mr. Edwards provided excellent care. He very clearly explained exactly what the procedure was, associated risks & possible outcomes, as well as what to expect with regards to recover time & post-op rehab exercises (physio / hand therapy).
I felt very well informed with the all my decisions, and I felt comfortable & reassured throughout the whole process.
I am now 7 weeks into recover from the procedure & very pleased with how everything has gone so far.

Margaret Watson


My knee journey started with Mr Millington on the 22nd February 2019. From the start it was evident how patient focused Mr Millington and his team were and you were treated as an individual patient, rather than a condition. After through tests and scans, it was decided the best course of action was a full knee replacement.
On the day of surgery, the admission process was very straightforward and everyone I met was very welcoming and caring. Mr Millington and his team came to discuss the procedure, the after care and what to expect at every stage from surgery, recovery through to physiotherapy.
The anaesthesia choice was mine and I opted to have the surgery under spinal anaesthetic without sedation. Throughout the surgery I felt very involved in the procedure and everything was done to make me as comfortable as possible.
On the ward I was given excellent after care, the nurses were fantastic, and the physiotherapy was in depth, informative and gave you a belief in yourself that you could do it.
I have personally found the procedure straightforward and I have been in no more pain than I was prior to surgery, with the pain abating daily. I have been amazed at my progress and have put it down to the skill of Mr Millington.

Kriss Russman


I am a professional opera and symphony conductor, so restricted use of my right arm for nearly a year was a huge problem and extremely painful when performing. Dr. Fitzgerald's superb surgery has given me total flexibility and, of course, enormous physical confidence regarding my work, not to mention my daily living. The operation caused the minimum of discomfort and the pain control medication administered was 100% effective.
The follow-up care regarding physiotherapy and Dr. Fitzgerald's sensitive and thorough attention to detail, both physical and psychological, was excellent.
I would be happy to talk to and assure any potential future patients of Dr Fitzgerald.

Wendy Schoonjans


I tore my ACL and part of my MCL ligaments during a ski holiday. Dr Harnett clearly advised me on the options: 1. rehab and strengthen the muscles to stabilize the knee naturally or 2. reconstruct the ACL ligament with surgery. As I am a keen gym-goer who loves boxing and Pilates and have 2 young children to run after, we felt option 2 would work better for me. At no point did I feel pressurized into making this decision.
I was referred to a physiotherapist and had three months of pre-surgery rehab to ensure my knee was as strong and healthy as possible prior to having the operation.
Surgery went extremely well. Dr Harnett and the team explained all the steps and made me feel comfortable during the whole process. I saw Dr Harnett straight after waking up from surgery and first thing the morning after. Physiotherapy started immediately and key milestones were clearly explained.

A few months after surgery I was able to walk longer distances, was cycling in the gym and did a lot of strength exercises. By 7 months I was attending Pilates classes and comfortably running on the treadmill.
I didn't think I would ski again this year, but 10 months after surgery I was back on the slopes! It was an unbelievable feeling and I am so grateful. The body can do amazing things. But I couldn't have done it with the outstanding skills of Dr Harnett and his team.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Harnett to anyone needing knee surgery.

Andrea Lelo


This past Sunday 26 May 2019, I was able to finish the Mount Saint-Michelle Marathon feeling very strong and without any pains and in a very satisfying personal best time. This would not have been possible had it not been for the incredible surgery Dr. Culpan performed on me when I broke my right femoral neck in 2017, nor without the great support and approachable attitude he always had with me over the last 18 months. I am forever in his debt.

Many many thanks!

Kate Roberts


When my enjoyment and ability to go on treks and scramble up mountains was being impacted by the pain I was experiencing in my hip, I sought the expert knowledge of Paul Harnett. Following thorough investigation by him & his team, it was decided that the best option to improve my quality of life was a total right hip replacement.
I am delighted that after less than 8 months since my operation, just over a week ago I completed an Ultra Challenge consisting of an 100km continuous walk along the Jurassic coastline! The hills, shingle beaches & endless stiles were brutal, but my new hip coped amazingly well! I have so much gratitude for Paul Harnett’s skill & expertise as a surgeon along with his fantastic uplifting & motivating personality. I would never hesitate in recommending him.
Also, huge thanks are due to his immediate team & all of the wonderful nursing team at Bupa Cromwell who took care of me.

Mariam Agbeti


Pain and more pain was what I suffered for several years due to avascular necrosis in my right hip as a result of Sickle Cell Anemia. The possibility of relief came when I met with my surgeon, Paul Harnett and we discussed the benefits of a total hip replacement surgery for my condition.

Mr. Harnett made me feel comfortable all the time and he explained what to expect following the surgery. I was walking short distances and climbing stairs with crutches just few days after my surgery.

It’s been 15 months since my surgery, and I am completely pain free and have regained utmost mobility. I no longer struggle with everyday grooming like I used to.

I can say the surgery was a complete success and I am super thrilled with the results.


Helen Needham


I have a long history of hip problems and when my day to day pain became severe I wanted to see someone who would be open and pragmatic about the options available. From my first appointment with Mr Harnett I was reassured - he's got a very patient friendly manner. Ultimately we decided that a total hip replacement would be the right option for me. The treatment and care I received was excellent throughout the whole process and I couldn't have asked for more from Mr Harnett and Mr Culpan. I had some hydrotherapy a few days after the operation, which was really excellent and I knew very quickly that I had made the right decision. 20 weeks and lots of physio later I'm not only pain and limp free, but happily chasing my nephew and nieces around the garden and almost back to my favourite reformer Pilates classes. Thank you Mr Harnett.